GM Sistemi: quality for safety

GM SISTEMI is a company in constant evolution, with a solid experience in the design and construction of electronic equipment for fire prevention systems and industrial measurement systems.

As evidenced by his industrial history started in 1992, GM SISTEMI has always been attentive to the needs of the market and close to his customers in a constant and continuous way, to ensure updating, reliability, safety and quality, thanks to continuous investments and commitment in the search for advanced solutions.

Autonomy in the entire design cycle, in-house production and continuous research, are the three main factors that allow the company flexibility and high performance in quality and customer satisfaction.

GM SISTEMI is today in continuous expansion both in consolidated markets such as Europe, USA, Mexico, Turkey, and in new markets such as Canada and China.

GM SISTEMI develops and manufactures products with his historic brand GM ELECTRONICS recently joined by the new brand MALCRON SERIES, a new products generation also studied in design.

Innovate, design and build in-house

A production cycle, from software design and hardware, until the realization.

GM SISTEMI’s laboratory allows us to manage in-house all the steps of the product life cycle: research and technological development, design, prototyping, assembly, testing and quality testing of the equipment.

The GM SISTEMI team analyzes the new market request in order to find the solution with a new product taking care of the software design, of the hardware, the mechanics and design. In the sparks analysis systems, we are today to the fourth generation of sensors, able to provide excellent performance in detecting particles with very high speed and with a lower temperature than to previous systems.

Meeting the needs of the market

Flexibility in the production and assembly of the systems.

For the production of their own equipment, GM SISTEMI makes use of internal automated assembly systems.

The availability of innovative technologies, such as SMD (Surface Mounting Device), in the company laboratory, is condition to meet in real time to the needs of the market, using internal production resources.

An internally created software manages the supply chain of every product: starting from the order, to production, and control until the shipment.

Quality research and development

GM SISTEMI, the first Italian company which has obtained the “FM Approved” certification for sparks detection and extinguishing systems.

Innovation and attention to quality are in the company philosophy, our products follow the regulatory standards such as CE, ATEX and some important product certifications for the market.